Our Story

After failing 13 different businesses in the beginning of his career, Dan Lok got into copywriting and online marketing. He has been doing this behind the scenes since 2004 and turned his name into a worldwide phenomenon

in the online marketing space with personal assistance and guidance from big names like

Alan Jacques.

Throughout Dan’s many years in business, he’s had a passion and a purpose for helping winners win more. He started impacting entrepreneurs and business owners through his group, Vancouver’s Entrepreneurs Group (VEG), held at the prestigious Vancouver Club.

He didn’t care about vanity metrics,



However, after changing his mission statement to impacting 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide, Dan realized he needed a team. And he needed mass impact through the media platforms. 

So when the team was built and we transitioned into social media, we tried out many different digital marketing agencies to help us grow.

 But every single time they all sucked. What made it even worse was the fact that most of these agencies only specialized in 1 or 2 things, making us struggle and waste so much money and time having to hire multiple agencies. 

These agencies were all about building fancy pages that looked good but didn’t produce any significant return. None of them understood that Dan wanted to use social media and digital marketing to scale his company and grow its revenue. He didn’t care about vanity metrics, he wanted revenue. 

These companies didn’t get it. They didn’t deliver. What he realized is that most of these agencies actually outsourced to other agencies to do their work. A lot of them sent cold emails to people to try to get business, because they were actually lousy marketers themselves. They didn’t know how to attract customers.

They must


Then Dan got an “AHA” moment. If he’s going to find an agency to work with him, they must walk the talk. They must spend their own money to bring in customers. He made sure to check how much online reach they actually have. The minute he got this, he made sure to double-check every agency’s claims with their results.

Many companies say, “I can help you with you Facebook”, but when you look at their Facebook page, there’s only about 1,000 followers. Or somebody says, “I can help you with Instagram”, but has about 2,000 followers… or “I’ll help you with YouTube”, but they don’t even have a YouTube channel… These are the red flags that tell you they won’t actually deliver the results you need. 

Eventually Dan couldn’t put up with it anymore. So, he built his own team, trained them through the school of hard knocks, and built this world-class social media agency. And now, we are working with carefully selected business owners to help them scale internationally, profitably, and consistently.

Here on Team Dan Lok, we’ve come to the conclusion that entrepreneurship and scaling a business is highly difficult. It can be stressful. Overwhelming. And it can cost you a lot of time, money, and good relationships.

And that’s why we’ve built this social media agency and made it our mission to help high-growth companies generating over $5M annually to scale rapidly and profitably without the stress, time-waste, and without burning your capital away to so-called “social media agency experts” who don’t deliver the results they promise.

While Dan Lok Media has a remote work culture, most of our team members are located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.


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