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Who We Are, And Why We Are The Best Team To Help You

We help high-growth companies accelerate new sales through social media domination. Our blueprint was amplified by one of the most successful brands online – DanLok.com. Within 2 years, our methodology for Social Media Omnipresence™ increased the company’s recurring annual revenue to over $34.9+ million (306%) and achieved over 4.5+ million followers worldwide.

We Eat Our Own Cooking

In a sea of options, we are one of the only agencies in North America that uses social media to grow their business and are highly regarded for their online reach. Our methodology allows us to perform and produce results above and beyond most businesses, because it’s developed from a hybrid of digital marketing tactics, content strategy, copywriting techniques, and a deep understanding of human psychology and behavior.

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We Spend Up To $1 Million Monthly
Marketing Our Own Businesses

Once you’ve tried hiring several, different agencies, you’ll learn that most of them are actually run by only 1-3 individuals working at home in their pajamas. Would you really trust them to scale your company’s revenue to 7-figures and beyond? Do they even use their own team, products and services? And do they actually have a team with the right capacity to help you?

Now, if scaling your business rapidly and profitably is not something that makes you excited and say, “YES!”, then you can stop reading here.

Because of an influx of business collaboration invitations and requests of our strategic help…

We’re only working with CEOs, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs making over $5M in annual revenue and are looking to scale their business & revenue.

Sounds like you? Please read on…


What We Invest Into A Business Collaboration With You:
  • Our time
  • Our own resources to deliver high quality and accelerated results for your business
  • Carefully selected and mapped out proven growth strategies
  • Our own capital
  • Years of experience, research, and studies in the area your business needs help with
  • Daily or weekly meetings between team members to ensure fast communication and execution
  • Our top strategies & execution team
What You Invest Into A Business Collaboration With Our Team:
  • The investment you forward to us to do the work
  • Your attention to watching your bottom line grow
Our Return On Investment (ROI) By Working With You
  • Monthly Growth Fee

Your Return On Investment (ROI) By Working With Us

We understand how hard it is to decide which agency to trust and commit with. So we have made it
easy for you to consult with us and see if this will be a good fit. After 8 weeks of our
implementation, we will ensure that your business is on track to achieving the following results:

  • Clarity, strong direction, consistency and a competitive advantage.
  • Fool-proof strategy implemented into your content, design, funnels, and systems.
  • Cut years of trial and error off your timeline to success
  • Become the top authority and go-to business in your industry
  • Predictable growth in traffic, opt-ins, leads and conversions.
  • Rapid growth in social media followers and subscribers.
  • Brand recognition and respect in your industry and across different online platforms.
  • Compounding increase in sales and revenue, scaling up to $20 Million and beyond.
  • Reversed risks and decrease in unnecessary costs.
  • More financial resources to pay your team and to invest in more initiatives that can take your company to the next level.
  • Increased and sustainable financial ability to live your ideal lifestyle without any limitations.

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